Japan Business Development

Since Icon’s inception, our Tokyo-based Business Development team has been supporting our portfolio companies with unparalleled access to the Japan market, building distribution beachheads, achieving early customer traction and recruiting efforts.

JBD helps portfolio companies address market challenges.

Scaling to Japan has its share of challenges. Our specialized Japan Business Development team is on the ground in Tokyo to provide a massive competitive advantage to our portfolio companies, with Market Assessment, GTM strategies, and execution support to generate a strong sales pipeline. Leveraging the resources of JAFCO, one of Icon’s largest LPs, Icon boasts the largest network and resources available in the Japanese market.

Market Assessment

We help companies understand the unique market dynamics, competitors and other barriers in Japan to build an effective go-to-market strategy and optimize entry timing.

Building Early Go-to-Market

When our companies are mature enough, we lead go-to-market activities like sales channel establishment and early customer acquisition.


After building a successful go-to-market strategy and sales pipeline, we help our companies establish their in-country team by hiring a country manager and supporting the team as they execute.

Forging Meaningful Partnerships

When our JBD team recognizes the opportunity to forge meaningful strategic relationships with major strategic companies in Japan, this serves the basis for long lasting partnership, enduring value and with great benefit to both parties. Creating partnerships of this kind can be transformative to our companies and the business community in Japan.


The seasoned sales executives of our Japan Business Development Team help our portfolio companies establish and build their businesses in Japan. With significant sales experience and deep networks in Japan, our team members are long-term partners committed to the success of our portfolio companies.

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