Shining a spotlight on the
icons of today and tomorrow.

Icon Ventures is a Silicon Valley-based firm that specializes in Series B and C financings in tech sectors such as cloud and data, security, digital health and other areas of IT investing. We lead financings for extraordinary early-stage companies, co-investing alongside the world’s leading venture firms.

We have a 19-year track record of proven success across all market cycles with 34 successful exits to date, including 8 IPOs, with a combined market value of $104 billion.

We take great pride in having accomplished all of this with a small, deeply integrated, highly experienced team. Our goal at Icon Ventures is to shine a light on the great entrepreneurs and venture investors we are privileged to work with, as they are the true Icons building our future.

Our Guiding Principles

Human capital is more precious than financial capital.
A team connected can accomplish extraordinary things.
When stressed, we help create space.
All of our companies matter, regardless of their journey.
The measure of a venture firm is most evident by how they deal with challenging situations.

Global Footprint


Europe has established itself as a market with exceptional talent and the innovative products needed to create great companies. Our European office will help expand our continual search for the best companies and founders worldwide.

Toronto Engineering Team

Our Canadian Engineering Talent Program is a turnkey service for Icon portfolio companies to recruit and establish their operations in Canada while capturing significant cost savings. This program has already demonstrated great results. It is our job to support our companies in as many ways as we can.


Japan is the third largest economy in the world. Since Icon’s inception, our Tokyo-based business development team has been supporting our portfolio companies with unparalleled access to the Japan market. For two decades, this team has delivered amazing customer traction for more than half of our portfolio.

We believe venture should be a force for good.

Force for Good Banner Image

Venture capital is all about recognizing and investing in change. Given the times we are in today, changes to come will be significant. In a post pandemic world, many tech investment themes are accelerating, and new transformative opportunities are emerging. We are particularly interested in those that will solve big problems and make this world a better place for the next generation.

As venture capitalists, we are in a position to help drive these changes. Icon Ventures aims to lead the way in being a force for good among our peers, with investments in our community as well as in companies with world-changing ideas.

Celebrate South Park

South Park

In partnership with the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department, and the San Francisco Parks Alliance, the South Park Improvement Association (SPIA) has worked tirelessly over the last decade to transform the park into the jewel it is today.

South Park is the oldest park in San Francisco and is surrounded by a rapidly changing neighborhood that mixes venture capital firms, design firms, a variety of commercial interests, and both old and new residents.

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