Sunny Sugaya, General Partner

  • Sunny Sugaya has been Head of Asia Business Development and a General Partner of Jafco Ventures since 2003 and first joined Jafco Co., Ltd. in 1999. Sunny's 24 years of technology and business development experience and network of relationships distinguishes our ability to bring leading-edge products to the Japan market. He is viewed as a remarkable asset to entrepreneurs and widely respected by most strategic players in Japan.

    Life Before Jafco

    Prior to joining Jafco, Sunny spent 12 years at Motorola Japan, where he was responsible for design teams building next-generation cell phones and pagers. In this capacity, he managed both software and hardware development teams. A number of the design modules he created are still in use today. He also held roles overseeing product development and marketing of wireless communication equipment.

    Investment and Business Development Experience

    At Jafco, Sunny and the Asia Business Development Team are or have been actively involved with Brion Technologies (ASML Holdings NV), Calypto Design Systems, Devicescape, FireEye (FEYE), Infinera (INFN), Mimosa Systems (Iron Mountain), Proofpoint (PFPT), SiTime (MegaChips), Solidcore Systems (McAfee), Ultrasolar Technology and Zephyr Health.

    Portfolio companies that Sunny and his team previously supported while at JAFCO Co., Ltd. include Arkivio (Rocket Software), Ingrian Networks (SafeNet), Mobilian (Intel), Ocular Networks (Tellabs), Philsar (Conexant) and Trigo Technologies (IBM).


    Sunny received a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science and electrical engineering from the National Defense Academy in Japan.

  • "At Jafco we care about delivering the best performance possible and building a brand as respected as the name is in Japan."

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